What is Web 2.0?


“Web 2.0” refers to a recent rebirth of sites that focus on user empowerment and open-source applications online. There is a loose set of criteria that bind these sites together and creates the synonymous language that web mavens like Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), John Battelle (BattelleMedia) and Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Network) have adopted. In many ways, these elements can be thought of as the formative definition of Web 2.0:

– User generated and/or user influenced content
– Applications that use the Web (versus the desktop) as a platform, in innovative ways
Similar visual design and shared functional languages
– Leveraging of popular trends, including blogging, social tagging, wikis, and peer-to- peer sharing
– Inclusion of emerging web technologies like RSS, AJAX, APIs (and accompanying mashups), Ruby on Rails and others
– Open source or sharable/editable frameworks in the form of user-oriented “create your own” APIs

Check the web 2.0 awards announced in March 28, 2006 by seomoz team, where over 300 web 2.0 sites in 38 catagories rated, ranked & awarded. Read 21 interviews done with founders of winning sites.





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